Thursday, December 24, 2009

doughnut outreach!


  1. They left that part out last year, Day. That was one lonely Christmas Eve in jail.

  2. I know there will be lots of stories but this is one that I think will make you smile. At the end of the doughnut outreach who cleans up and locks up and takes care of any doughnuts left over? Have you ever wondered? This year the one who was last to leave collected the 100 boxes left over and put them in his car. On the way out of the building was the Rumpkin Trash collecter who knew that after all the trash from the service and day of outreach that there would be someone who would come to vineyard...working that night was he left out???
    No he was given 3 boxes for all the men on his shift... He who was last saw to it. Then came the fun. His Dad was called and off they went with a sleigh oh I mean car full of doughnuts.. each nurses station at Besthesda all 6 floors worth, the drive thur's and late night places all those who were last soon were remembered by the one who locks up and was last to leave vineyard. He would not tell you himself as this is the way that he is. A gift to his Dad and I..a blessing to many.. You know him as Chris a fitting name for a guy who played santa this year. Just thought you would like to know I hope it made you smile!!! Merry Christmas