Friday, August 28, 2009

1000 barbecues

Hey VCC'ers--don't forget the 1000 Barbecues this's never too late! Just invite your neighbors for a backyard grillout and get to know them a little better. No agenda other than love. That's it.

Here's a sample of the flyer we used in our neighborhood. We printed it out at home with some borderline cheesy party stationery from Office Depot...and crammed them into mailbox flags.

Anyway, happy grilling!


  1. We had our backyard barbecue this afternoon. Had a blast, and learned lots about our neighbors....not gossip; REAL stuff. Thanks for making us do this!!

  2. We had our's on Saturday. It was nice to finally meet all of the people that we nod at everyday.

    We learned that one family across the street has some parenting issues, but that the other is a Christian home that has many similar interests to our home.

    We all agreed that we need to do it more often...thanks for the nudge.

  3. My friend and I have been attending the Vineyard since July 2009. We are both into the Vineyard in a major way. We held a barbeque at my house and we PREPARED the TABLE for friends in need. Most accepted and attended, some did not but our thoughts were with them and we were ready for them. We still had a nice turnout.

    Our guest list included:

    - One genttleman in the middle of a divorce nearing the end.
    - One high school class mate who was never married
    - one high school class mate who was divorced about a year ago and buried his father on August 21.
    - One lifelong friend who's wife committed suicide two weeks ago.
    - many friends and neigbors and even my sons girlfriend!

  4. This is a really cool idea. Who doesn't like a backyard BBQ?

  5. Dave,
    Instead of BBQ we had and ice cream social for the cul-de-sac. We had a great turnout. We were able to connect with some of our close neighbors and hang out with some we didn't know as well. Who is going to turn down free ice cream with all the toppings?....someone brought butterscotch syrup.....mmmmm. Just thought we would share that it doesn't have to be a full meal with all the fixings to have people gather together.

  6. Reflection from the BBQ...My kids came over to help me set up since i have a broken leg. I realized through listening to their conversations with my neighbors how important my heart/attitude is to them. Yhey felt honored to help. My neighbors that didnt come at least know I was thinking about them. There is a strangly satisfying feeling in giving away a bunch of good food that good sons, good friends&little ol' me bought prepared&presented. I am so grateful for the opportunity to honor my neighbors!