Thursday, November 27, 2008


…They’ll tell you not to eat this or that food—perfectly good food God created to be eaten heartily and with Thanksgiving by Christians! Everything God created is good, and to be received with thanks. Nothing is to be sneered at and thrown out. God’s Word and our prayers make every item in creation holy. (1 Timothy 4:3b–5 The Message)

Okay, so that’s out of context…and out of everything else. And I capitalized the T. But hey, hope you have some time to eat, argue politics with some family members (uh, in love…), and reflect on how, despite whatever is swirling around you, faith somehow whispers in your ear that God is good.

One more thing. Turkeyfest at the Vineyard was beautiful. Last Saturday morning, about 1,400 complete turkey dinners were hand delivered to families all over Greater Cincy. The room was jammin. Some people left with prophetic turkeys. Uh, meaning they didn’t have a predetermined destination, just an open heart to the H.S. and a car. Wow.


  1. 1st off kind of surprising to see you in that turkey outfit. I must be getting old, thought it was someone else. Way to go, be a fool for christ! There is no pride their in you, thank God.
    Now if you can just have a miraculous healing by throwing the outfit at a defenseless diabled person who gets healed.

    I went to a turkey feast years ago and it really surprises me at the level of organization that happens at events these past few years. Way to go people! I just hope we can keep the managed chaos that I love about the vineyard in every event. I guess just plan that something will go wrong and God will show up to fill the void.

    Our group had two planned deliveries and it went well. 1st delivery was rather short in time but it went well with the mother who received it in Lincoln Heights. Then the next was down in Bond Hill, this also went well. The mother of the house was very warm and welcoming, it made my day, she was a jewel in a ruff neighborhood.

    The next we went to Fairmount to deliver to my neighborhood where I grew up. I had this vision of this angel at my street where I grew up. But God kept bringing up this place over and over before this vision. So we went there for the last prophetic delivery. We went all through all the houses on the street, most were not home but we knocked on this last door and this white haired lady answered and said she knew of someone that needed a turkey dinner. To me she had this appalacian pride that was strong in my neighborhood where I grew up. For I knew that she was in need too.

  2. Hello, Dave!

    Glad to see the Vineyard culture is alive and well. I miss you all-we've lived in Indianapolis for the last three years now. Started attending the Vineyard in '95. You and I have talked at times, and I sent you a couple of letters--but what you'll most likely remember is a little kid who ran around the Crescentville building in knee breeches and tricorn hat, back when Jim Lyman was childrens' pastor--that was my younger son--guess what, he's 21 and married now (that should turn your hair a little whiter).

    This will show my name as "postmodern redneck"-the name of the blog here I was writing for a while. Hope to get back to blogging; this year has been too busy at times. Aanyway, keep it up; maybe Miriam and I can get back for a visit sometime.

    Phil Hawkins