Monday, July 14, 2008

word up

Here's a cool site...and a revealing one. Wordle takes seemingly any amount of text you throw into it and creates a graphic picture of your most used words. The larger the font graphic, the more you used it. I suppose it axes ubiquitous connectors and less essential words (“a”, “and”, “the”, etc; think Strong’s Concordance, perhaps).

But it’s revealing to see the words you use most. I threw in the entire text of my book and this is what I got…

Uh, I suppose a book on outward-focused living should feature Jesus, God, People and Love pretty prominently. But I was almost afraid to throw in a transcript of one of my weekend messages. I couldn’t resist. This was my last message at VCC; it was on leadership and integrity…

Interesting, eh? Try it yourself. You can even simply type in your blog URL; it will track down everything you’ve written and create an original piece of art from the key words in your ramblings.

Revelatory. And scary fun.


  1. Don't you know how to take a break? Can I have a signed copy of your book?

  2. You're right it is fun & revealing - I dropped in a short two pager I wrote for our church leadership when they were asking people what their vision of church was and it came out with this:

    Made me think!

    PS Thanks for your blog, I was recommended to it from your book on Amazon