Monday, June 04, 2007

are you experienced?

We had a number of people ask about the music on the video of the bus ride. It’s an artist named Phil Wickham who has a great CD by the same name. You can check him out at He comes from pretty musical family…his dad played in an early California-Jesus-people band called The Way and his mom in a band called Parable.

Okay, that's way too much information. And you’d have to be really old to know any of that.

I hope this new series, The Experience Project, gets us thinking about God in the ordinary moments. A few of us were swapping emails about how God can/will speak into our lives at any time. I wrote that I was recently driving down I-75 and came up behind a woman in an older car in the middle lane driving slowly with the left turn signal on and no intention of switching lanes. Cars were buzzing around her. She had long grey hair, was older and overweight, had the window down, and I smugly dismissed her, thinking of a joke about how her turn signal had probably been on since she left her driveway this morning. But even deeper was a sharp cutting thought about her probable roots based on her license plate...which, interestingly enough, are mine as well. I immediately heard God telling me I was at risk of turning into an old judgmental man. It was a stinging conviction. And so I prayed for her and felt a stirring of grace and well as my speed slowed down.

My understanding was that my heart is like a pie graph: the more judging I do, the less is left for mercy. And as I understand it, our primary calling is not judgment.

I have to slice my heart differently these days.

Had any moments like that lately?


  1. I really liked the message on Sunday. To me, i got out of it, that sometimes when you go and do something that you haven't done for awhile, it reminds you of your past and where you were in your walk. For example, Dave said he hasn't rode a bus in years, and how it brought back so many memories of where he was in life, what his life was like, and it was like a personal reflection.

    Sometimes I avoid doing things because I don't want to be reminded of the pain that was associated with it. For example, I can't drink the white grapefruit canned juice with the pull tabs. It reminds me of the day my mom took us to a womans shelter because of my dad. It was the first drink that I had after we arrived there.

    I couldn't say enough about the message on Sunday. I look foward to where Dave gets thrown into this weekend.

  2. Dave, as I told you I really liked your message last weekend "are you experienced?" Very simple and very powerful.
    But now how do I get that Jimi Hendrix song out of my head?

  3. Try replacing it with any bad Jefferson Airplane song...

  4. OK, here I go again. I have prayed so hard, and it seems like God has not answered my pleads of mercy. My life with the women I love is nearly over. She wrote me some very hurtful words today. I have served my country and came very close to death. My servatude to Jesus, and this country has ended in disaster. She has no kind words for me, and does not want to put forth the effort to re-kindle her heart. I love my wife with all my heart, yet she cannot stand to be around me. I pray that someday she will open her heart back up to me. I am rapidly loosing my faith and trust in prayer. The pain of loosing someone so dear to me is overwhelming. I plan to attend the 10:00 celebration on Sunday. Please pray for my wife and I.

  5. Hi Mike,
    Listen, I'm preachin' to the choir here too (me). The hardest thing for us to do in times of trouble is to WAIT on the Lord. Keep praying, Mike, never give up. We live in a world with the mentality of fast-food and microwaves, but God oftens seems to work more like a crock pot. Cast your cares on Him, Mike- He does care for you! He hears your every cry and He will be with you always. Keep trying to get connected. Try to focus on your relationship with God. Don't give up. We are praying for you. You are loved.

  6. I thought the message was OK. I do feel Gods presence most days. I did learn, however, that I've been using omnipresent and omniscience as if they were one in the same. Now I know better.

    I was in a meeting today on "delivering the decade". We work in the Baby Care industry and they had a female anthropologist professor come in to discuss baby behavior, etc. She started her discussion on evolution and her scientific data to back it up. My heart sunk. After the discussion I talked to a few friends and told them I was disheartened by the evolution vs. creation presentation but I really enjoyed the discussion on global cultural differences. Most folks did not understand where I was coming from at all...they did not think twice about it. This too was disheartening.

    I have 'experienced' God my Father and know with certainty I was not created randomly. While looking around in the crowded convention center it hit me how many people have yet to 'experience' Him. So much work needs to be done.... I feel unprepared.

    Mike - keep your head up brother and stay out of strip clubs. You've hurt your wife and she does not trust you. From a female perspective you need to 'walk' this out with actions....not words. God extends grace to all his children. Did you know the tears of Hezekiah moved God? It actually prolonged his life (no kidding...Isaiah 38:3-5). NOTHING goes unnoticed by Him. He sees the intent of our hearts and moves sovereignly in any way He desires. Perhaps you can hook up with some strong, healthy brothers via a small group at your church . They can pick you up, dust you off and prepare you before you leave on your next assignment. I've been thinking of you often and lifting you in prayer.


  7. Mike,
    keep praying. Not only for your wife, but also for yourself. Don't give up the faith. God is everywhere, all the time.

    For the first time in a long time my wife told me that she loves me. I realize that this is a mere sliver of hope, but I am rejoucing in this breakthrough. It does not mean that she is accepting me back into her life, but it shows that she may be thinking about it. We had a very good conversation on the phone yesterday. I am just a child in my quest in my renewed love for God. The amount of people praying over my wife and I has been helpful. "Dear God. I pray to you now that you will give me the strength to endure this turmoil. I pray that you will give me the wisdom to communicate effectively to my wife to show her my love. I pray that I do not loose faith in my love for you. Dear Lord, guide me along this new road and give me the strength to not waiver off this road. Holy Spirit, come down upon my wife's heart to allow my love of her flow into her heart."
    Thank you everyone for your continued prayer's. This upcomming week is going to be a very difficult time for me. I travel home tomorrow. I pray that I will say the right things to my wife and family. I believe that a true miracle will happen to me this upcoming week. I plan to attend the 10:00 celebration on Sunday. I will listen intently to Dave's message, and take to heart whatever guidance you bestow upon me.


  9. I think dave misses norwood when he starts riding buses, maybe dave needs to go back to norwood or oakley. I do not think mason fits you dave

    When a pastor does a message on a bus ride it makes me think that life is too filed up with stuff and not people.

    I can remember riding buses when I was a teenager and before. People back then did not want to talk to you and sometimes you get on a bus and have people like dave to talk to, makes life bearable. I can still remember this older gentleman who noticed I had visited the library and took an interest in what books I got, it made my day, considering my family made me feel like I was invisible.