Friday, March 30, 2007


Okay, I’m writing something before the weekend. But there was an interesting essay from rock-star-preacher Bono in last week’s Time magazine (and how about that for a provocative cover story?—not bad, actually). And I promise this is my last Bono quote.

He gives a little encouragement on how Europe has to help its southern brother Africa. He writes:

“Our humanity is diminished when we have no mission bigger than ourselves…[has he been watching VCC’s celebrations…?]. And one way to define who we are might be to spend more time looking across the eight miles of Mediterranean Sea that separates Europe from Africa.”

He goes on to say:

“…As individual nations, we may argue over the garden fence, but when a neighbor’s house goes up in flames, we pull together and put out the fire. History suggests it sometimes takes an emergency for us to draw closer. Looking inward won’t cut it. As a professional navel gazer, I recommend against that form of therapy for anything other than songwriting. We discover who we are in service to one another, not the self.

Whoa. That’s pretty good for a musician who barely plays guitar.

But he does have a killer voice. Both musically…and prophetically.

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  1. I love his message. I have loved and listened to U2 since the 80's. Funny thing, I never connected at that time that they were singing about God and humanity, I just knew I loved the music. I have been a Christian for about five years now and have fallen in love with their message and I already know all the words.

    AWESOME! God is so good in bringing our lives together and we never even knew he was working on us until we look back and see where we have been and how awesome His plan is.